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December 27, 2016

Our installer, Aaron, was exceptionally professional, capable, and personable. He arrived on time and had a very positive energy and approach in communication. He was patient in explanations, clear on the process and what to expect, and resourceful in making adjustments that were necessary. His skills and quality of work were equally strong. I would highly recommend him to others.



December 23, 2016

Joe was the bomb. Knew everything about what we were doing and had good insight as to things that needed to be changed. Was a life saver.



November 11, 2016

I wanted to take a moment to express to you a job very well done.  Your organization commissioned Anthony to install my kitchen cabinets last week.  To say that Anthony did an outstanding job would be an understatement.  Anthony's level of pride in his work and professionalism easily exceeded my expectations. 

I personally have unreasonable and unreachable expectations of people.  But, I hold myself to those standards.  My occupation does not allow for anything less than the customer wants no matter the resources necessary to accomplish the task.  Anthony surpassed my expectations  with great ease.  He was generous enough to educate me along the way each day.  

What I found most important and valuable of Anthony's work is he knows Total Quality Management.  As he concluded each day he would inform me of what he completed then, what his plan was for the following day and, if I had any questions.  Other contractors that were also involved with my remodel were amazed at Anthony's quality of craftsmanship.    

I reluctantly conceded to my wife's desire of purchasing IKEA kitchen cabinets.  I was not too excited when 217 boxes were delivered.  Anthony's knowledge, skills, and abilities immediately put any fear or worry I had to rest.  

Now that it's over, my cabinets looked better than any IKEA kitchen display ever has. 

Please express my very high regards and gratitude to Anthony.  He is truly a valuable asset to your organization.



November 11, 2016

I want to take a moment to praise the excellent work done this morning by Dyllan. He arrived promptly and was fully prepared to do the installation.  I felt completely confident in his work and was comfortable having him in my home and would happily employ him again should the need arise. 



October 13, 2016

Your installer Aaron was EXCEPTIONAL.  He took the time to explain the process.  He clearly knows the product inside and out.  The cabinet and detail work was perfection, I’d recommend him highly! 

Another plus was connecting me with Kitchen Helpers – they were communicative and extremely helpful[…].  Always available for some of my inexperience questions, both Stephanie and Guy saved this project big time.



October 06, 2016

Awesome! We were on a tight installation schedule and your company [and Joe] exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much.



March 17, 2016

Aaron our installer was amazing, he asked great questions and always thought about how he would like things to look and how they would look best.  He treated our project like his own home.  The craftsmanship was excellent.  I cannot say enough about Aaron, he was incredible at what he does and did great quality work!”



March 08, 2016

Just a quick note to let you know what a great job Stephanie did for us when she came to our home recently. I found her to be very helpful, knowledgeable, eager to assess and assist, grateful to read my long list of needs/concerns and excited along with me to see how much more space will be found as a result of her expertise. You have a wonderful person to represent your company and I hope she is appreciated as much by you as she is by us!



March 08, 2016

We cannot speak more highly of Aaron and we would definitely recommend The Kitchen Helpers to our friends in the neighborhood (many of whom are considering a kitchen upgrade!).



December 29, 2015

The installer was very professional and solicitous of our needs.  Aaron did a great job, we appreciated his attention to both the big picture and small details.



November 15, 2015

These guys were fantastic! Seriously wonderful.

First off, I had a great experience scheduling everything at their kiosk in IKEA in the kitchen section. They were very clear about expectations and were able to schedule installation just 2 days after our items were delivered! Which was like 4 days after I ordered it. Can't beat purchase and install within a week's time.

We had a lot of modifications that needed to be made upon installation. The kiosk folks took note of everything and communicated it all to the installers pretty well. We were actually not in town on the first day of install, which was a bit nerve-wracking, but when we returned on day 2 of installation, they had made modifications as instructed and made sure to clarify anything that seemed confusing. Rich, the main installer at our home was incredible. Such a hard worker and paid a lot of attention to detail. He seemed to really like to get things just right. I don't think he took a break in the two days I saw him! He did a fabulous job and even saved us some money by installing the cabinets and bit more securely using his tools and gear, which allowed us to return many items we weren't going to use. I was very, very pleased with our experience with this company!



November 11, 2015

Wow! Amanda Moksnes if terrific: warm and friendly, very knowledgeable and accommodating and willing to keep getting up and down with me to help me visualize the IKEA pieces I was interested in. Gave lots of helpful suggestions throughout. I felt so reassured that I was making good decisions about this big project/expense.



November 05, 2015

Everyone was very professional and courteous, especially Aaron, our installer.  Overall, it was a very painless, pleasant experience.



November 05, 2015

My install guy was great!  Worked fast and the cabinets look amazing!!!  I already referred you all/him to a friend.



October 22, 2015

The installation was fast, efficient and beautifully exectued.  A job very well done.



September 03, 2015

The cabinet installer, Aaron, was attentive to our needs and seemed happy to make adjustments where needed.



July 03, 2015

We just wanted to take the time to let you know what a fantastic job Stephanie Herzog did for us. If you hand out gold stars to top performers, she deserves the whole box.

We signed up for design services through IKEA, knowing that we were going to have quite a few challenges remodeling our ~100sf kitchen with cabinets and a sink from the 1940s. Stephanie spent almost an entire day with us in order to measure, design and explain all of our options.  She created multiple versions of our kitchen using the design software and was also awesome with our little baby during her visit.  Stephanie really helped us focus on the areas that held the most promise for that new kitchen “wow” that everyone wants when they take on a remodel.

Working with Stephanie was really like having a friend help us. Long after her visit, she also responded in great detail to more than a few questions we had about IKEA products, appliances and solving the dreaded blind corner.  We literally cannot imagine what this part of the process would have been like without her. If any of our friends ever decide to use your services, we would immediately tell them to request Stephanie Herzog by name. We only got to work with her for a short time, you’re fortunate that you work with Stephanie all the time. 

Stephanie Herzog really is awesome.

Brendan & Katie


June 10, 2015

I first found out about Kitchen Helpers while visiting IKEA. Kitchen Helpers are the "official" installer for IKEA's kitchens. I figured that if all they do is install IKEA kitchens, they should be pretty darn good at it. And damn great they are!--not only was Rick and Noah's installation fantastic, but they notified me about small details here and there, listened to me, and offered straightforward solutions during their install. They were accessible and friendly. My kitchen looks beautiful! And Alyson's phone/email support thru the entire process was phenomenal. I would not hesitate one minute to hire Kitchen Helpers again--HIGHLY recommended!!!!



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